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Project Execution 4 U (PE4U) is a project and business consulting firm in downtown Houston Texas. Located just 2 blocks from Minute Maid Park. We cater to mature small businesses and medium-sized businesses. 

Our philosophy is simple. No matter the business; PE4U considers our clients business problem or business issue a project. There is a start date, end date and certain goals that need to be met to overcome the problem/issue. 

We take out the complexities of running a project and apply a pragmatic approach to "fix" a business problem.

Business Process Improvement

Your organization will benefit from PE4U streamlining and optimizing your business processes. We treat every organizational challenge as if it is a project.

Our unique blend of experience and software has been proven to provide immediate return on investments with our clients. 


Our clients have improved their processes to eliminate excessive financial waste and re purpose resources to deliver more "bang for their buck"


Our blend of project based business solutions and a simple to use approach has made us successful in this industry. 

Political & Public Sector

If you organization is a political campgain or a public sector entity. PE4U has successfully navigated the "political minefield" of different organizations. 


We have consulted in state and local organizations. We have the right experience to exceed your organization needs. 


Many clients require automation and efficiency via a software solution. PE4U is experts in handling these type of engagements. We are able to understand your processes or procedures in a timely fashion and present your organization with software tool to see an immediate return on investment.