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What is PE4U

Project Execution 4 You (PE4U) is considered The Gold Standard in combining traditional project management tools & techniques and an Agile philosophy; we deliver exceptional products and services to our clients.


Similar to the Agile Manifesto; PE4U mimics the same values in our manifesto found below.


PE4U is

For organizations who need projects to be executed on time, on budget and to provide meaningful value. We specialize in assisting organizations...

Who has difficulties consistently delivering useful products or services to stakeholders and customers. 

Our approach combines an Agile philosophy and tried and true project management processes and procedures.

That produces repeatable results with little waste to our client's resources.

Unlike our competitors who over promise and under deliver. We can and have successfully executed projects worth over $4 billion and successfully completed complex projects.


Our method focuses on near real time transparency, and delivering products and services to our customers who needs...

The Gold Standard in delivering exceptional products.  

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Project Management

Project Management is one of the many areas we excel in. We have experience in the energy sector, public sector and retail industry. We have successfully executed complicated high visibility projects to large scale clients. 

Agile development methodology concept on

Agile Coaching

Agile philosophy is becoming the standard in executing products and services. We have been executing Agile since 2013. We prefer to use Scrum as our goto Agile method; however we are well versed in other methodologies. 

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Project Controls

Cost control, schedule management, risk management and document controls is what we do best. We have great consultants with a very deep level of understanding in their craft. Also all our consultants come with our in house cloud software solution to execute your projects on time and on budget.