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The Project:

Our Multiple Clients


The Challenge to the Project:

PE4U is approached with many engagements that involve improving or automating a business function. The problem we have found is that many businesses continue to use less secure and "free" methods of capturing data, adhering to a process.  


Our Solution:

PE4U approach is to increase the organization's profit margin. Next we look to increase the business productivity.


Schedule Detail:

A typical engagement is around 8 weeks long. 


Cost Impacts:

We identify what the cost of doing nothing to solve the problem and the project cost of savings once a software technical solution is in place. 


Risks Impacts:

Depending on the organization we will run a risk assessment. We may conduct a Monte Carlo simulation or we may run a cost benefit assessment to identify which risk from a cost prospective impacts the project. 


Document Control:

PE4U was able to take their Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and  run a report in a cloud based software solution to quickly identify, normalize the data and provide visibility to all stakeholder.   


Project Outcome:

Mission Accomplished

When client documents and tasks are delivered to us on time and per our agreed upon engagement details we have always delivered on time and on budget.   


This is one example of many successes we can point to.

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