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Tel: 832-559-0421

What to Expect In Our 

5 Step Process 

~Fine Tuned For Your Organization 

~Hands-On Approach  






1. Initial Consultation 

During our initial consultation, we will understand more details about your project needs. These meetings are typically short in nature and ​used to find common ground and paths forward.



2. Kickoff Meeting

This meeting is used to identify blackout dates of team members, discuss what success looks like for the team and begin to layout deliverables for all team members.



3. Scoping Your Project

During the scoping meeting, we will officially record the deliverables of the project. We will use a mix of our internal JANUS software and your needs to create electronic deliverables and documents to ensure nothing is missed.



4. Execute the Scope

Time to get to work; we will begin to execute the scope of the project. We will identify quick wins and work collectively to deliver the project on time and on budget. The project will begin to see measurable results. 



5. Monitor and Control

Monitoring and controlling the scope is the last piece of executing the scope. Once the team has reached and executed all the deliverables it is important the project team monitors and control the process.   ​

Software consulting for the SBDC (SBA) in Houston

Small business consulting In a structured class room

Small business consulting for one of our health care client's in Houston

Management consulting  facilitated by industry experts

Small Business Consulting Session Includes:

  • 24/7 Access to Our Client Portal

  • Onsite Visit 

    • Or Access To Our Downtown Office ​

    • Or Webcam and/or Teleconference Session

  • Whiteboard Strategy/Brainstorming Session

  • Video Recorded Sessions

  • Additional Limited Access to our JANUS Software 

1-Hour Consult-$225 Per Hr

5-Bulk Hour Consult-$200 Per Hour

10-Bulk Hour Consult-$170 Per Hour

3-Bulk Hour Consult-$215 Per HR 

7-Bulk Hour Consult-$185 Per Hour

10-Bulk Hour Consult-Custom