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PE4U helps organizations and government entity become more competitive to achieve various organizational goals. PE4U does this by changing the organization's structure and looks for ways to improve processes and streamline procedural efficiency. Our management consultants specialize in small and medium sizes businesses in healthcare, manufacturing, and education. In addition to these industries, a PE4U likes to focus on complex large multinational organizations.


Our consultants identify problems, gathers information, and implements solutions, working with your team to develop pragmatic approaches for your organization.


What PE4U Does 4 U


  • We quickly become familiar with your organizational challenges. One of the ways we do this is by our complete understanding of technology. We understand the environment for change and act as a trusted advisor to stakeholders while leading organizational change management."

  • We create, manage and execute a realistic schedule. By identifying and negotiating activities in a schedules, milestones, and resources required to meet project deliverables

  • We develop, monitor and provide analytical program level communications to our clients. By communicating with the senior stakeholders and the general employee population and projects teams we identify individuals who are actively engaged or disengaged.

  • We conduct certifiable training classes for a variety of audiences

  • We provide unbiased respectful feedback

  • We work to drive faster adoption, greater utilization, and higher proficiency regarding the changes impacting employees in the organization in order to achieve business objectives


Going The Extra Mile

  • Our consultants diligently work to meet your goals and expectations.

  • Our consultants can meet tight deadlines.

  • Our consultants face and consistently overcome organizational challenges.

  • Our consultants meet you at your office. We are flexible to ensure we never miss a beat. 


We Know What Success Is

  • Success is effectively delivering projects on-time, on-budget within scope that meets or exceeds stakeholder expectations

  • Success is the ability to establish and maintain strong relationships and to influence others and move toward a common vision or goal

  • "Success is being skilled in the use of Microsoft Office products, especially PowerPoint

  • "Success is the ability to perform business readiness assessments, including stakeholder surveys, interviewing, and related information gathering activities through our JANUS Software




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