The Project Case Study:

Increase Profitability

The Challenge to the Project:

We had a healthcare client inform us that their staff was not as productive as they needed them to be. We were informed that patient requests were not being fulfilled, and the clinic was losing revenue because of the lack of follow up from the staff.


Our Solution:

PE4U created an execution plan (detailed Scope Of Work SOW) to address the inefficiencies and provide a greater level of visibility to management and provide timely follow up to patients


Schedule Detail:

We developed an 8-week execution plan. By week 4 we reached a 70% compliance rate from the staff. At the end of 8 weeks, we saw a 100% compliance.


Cost Impacts:

We were projecting that with the increased compliance rate we were expecting a 20% increase in the clinic's profit margins.


Risks Impacts:

HIPAA compliance was a huge risk to our client. Being out of compliance would have affected the cost structure for this project. PE4U developed a plan to achieve 100% staff compliance, but the improved process stopped just short of needing HIPAA compliance


Document Control:

PE4U was able to control all documents and procedures using a software solution to create repeatable actions and no deviations to the process we had worked on for the past 8 weeks.  


Project Outcome:

Mission Accomplished

Not only did we achieve our 20% projected margin at the end of the project we were operating at a 79% increased profit margin. 

This is one example of many successes we can point to.

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