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MS Excel Isn't Enough-PE4U Admin: Houston Corporate Project Consulting Firm

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

We recently had an project consultancy opportunity to discuss a CRM (customer resources management) software to a prospective client, and we discussed how this stakeholder executes their projects and business. This person proudly showed me their MS Excel spreadsheet containing all of their leads and information. We looked at the solution and said ok where is the rest of your data?" The stakeholder was shocked that I asked such a thing the project stakeholder then replied "I do not need anything else." We then proceed to show this person our past project solutions, and how we assisted our clients via our cloud based solution. Needless to say the stakeholder was embarrassed that they were paying for a glorified MS Excel spreadsheet. I am not knocking MS Excel; however in this day in age of technology MS Excel isn't enough. Excel is still a great place to manipulate data, but it should only be a temporary storage place for large amounts of project data. Take it from the project consultant who has: 1. Had their data corrupted by MS Excel 2. Had MS Excel to crash in the middle of a massive update 3. Had other MS Excel horror stories. Use a robust cloud database with dashboards and KPI's built in so that you (the user) can have a conversation with the data.

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