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Project Consulting Blog: Change Order Management vs Management of Change

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Change order management is important to any business owner, project manager, organization or department. Changes are important period!

Most organizations we have consulted with do not understand change order management and management of change are two different things. I enjoy asking the simple question of "how to you manage your change process" and watching the person try to come up with a "answer" to my one simple question. Many people get the questions wrong. Here are some simple answers to understand there is a big difference.

Management of Change: This is the overall process of how you/the project manage both internal change and external change.


Change Management: The process of you/the project manage external change. External change is important but should not be confused or combined with the overall process.

How do overcome the challenge of change management. Below are 7 tips we recommend to our clients when we consult with clients in the Houston Texas area.

Tip 1. Develop you your internal change process first.

Tip 2. Develop your external change process.

Tip 3. Identify your stakeholders (Signature Authority)

Tip 4. Have a robust change register

Tip 5. Develop your change request form

Tip 7. Document every change and automate as much as possible

Implementing these simple tips will help mitigate scope creep and ensure your project stays on time and on budget.

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