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Project Consultant Blog: What Makes a Good LMS Software For Businesses

Many small businesses and subject matter experts (SME) are not familiar with the acronym of LMS. LMS is short for Learning Management Systems. A LMS is a powerful tool for SME's who are experts in their industry. Why is this? A great LMS can create additional revenue streams for the small business owners.

We have had many engagements to manage and/or create a LMS solution. A certain project we had the pleasure of consulting for needed a LMS. The project was to take the client's workbook and place the content into an encrypted software solution. Furthermore, the client needed PE4U to create and deliver a simple but yet robust LMS. The solution called for students to access the content 24/7 .

In less than 6 weeks the team created a customized LMS solution within our JanusERP suite that digitized the client's written workbook. Our project and solution was a success. What were some elements that made our project a success?

  1. User friendly website/portal.

  2. Secured content (the team made sure content was not accessed to non paying customers).

  3. Multi-Layered Authentication (Different Access for Students, Teachers, and SME and client staff).

  4. Allow for collaboration 24/7 with other students. Notifications to teachers and students when a new question was asked.

  5. Automation once student paid for the class the student was given usernames and passwords to access materiel.

  6. Survey of the class to provide feedback to the instructor on how to improve class.

  7. MS Word functionality feel for the student to freely express themselves

The 7 elements mentioned above made the LMS solution and project a success. Our client was happy with the results. Our client now had an additional revenue stream for their business.

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