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What are the values of Scrum?

As a certified scrum master organization we are always asked what are our values. PE4U values are simple and are inline with scrum values.

The 5 values of scrum PE4U values are respect, openness, commitment courage and focus. Let take a deeper look at that those values mean.


Diversity is a key elements in having great teams. Teams are shaped by their backgrounds and the team member's individual experience. It is important the team respects everyones differences. What makes great certified scrum master is to do your best no matter what. Also recognize that if you have a team and not a group of people that everyones else is doing their best too.


A good scrum master keeps everything above the board. In that he or she keeps everything about a project visible to everyone. When visibility is not present scrum does not work. When scrum is not working then your scrums artifacts (Product backlog, sprint backlog and definition of done) are compromised.


Certified scrum masters have the courage to commit, act and have the unwilling nature of not giving up, but to figure out how to meet commitments.


Be willing to commit to a goal. Scrum masters provide people all the authority they need to meet commitments. The team decides how much work to bring into a sprints and how they will remain committed to meet the overall goal.


This is simple. Do your JOB! Focus all of your efforts on doing the work that has been assigned to you.

Be careful of not be distracted by side jobs that is related to your job. Being distracted will cause you to lose focus on the bigger picture

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