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Welcome To

Houston Texas's Gold Standard In:

Project and Business Consulting

Project & Business Consulting Is Now Located At The Historic Houston Area Urban League

(formally the Federal Reserve in Houston)
Project Execution 4 U (PE4U) is a project and business consulting firm. We are located in downtown Houston just 2 blocks from Minute Maid Park. We cater to mature small businesses and medium-sized businesses. Our success is a direct result of our stellar customer service.

In addition to serving small and medium-sized businesses. Our project consultants has years of experience leading and guiding large-scale businesses in process improvement. One of our specialties is process improvement for businesses of all sizes. We do this by using Project Controls and Project Management procedures. We are able to take this complex process and make it simple for any business and any industry. 

We Also Provide

Software Consulting


In addition to providing project consulting services (found HERE) We also provide software consulting. 


Our most popular areas of consultation is in the below 15 areas.  

  • Area 1: NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) 

    • All of your NDA are stored in one place without the hassle of paper forms

  • Area 2: CRM (Customer Resource Management)

    •  Track customers and follow up quickly with our practical automated applications.  

  • Area 3: Project Scoping​

    • Correctly scope your project from the beginning to ensure ​your business and client are on the same page from the start

  • Area 4: Estimating /Quote Management

    • Build, index and archive your library of estimates ​to remain competitive on current and future work.

  • Area 5: Cost Accounting

    • Track all of your organizations or project costs in a structured and easy to use solution

  • Area 6: Change Management

    • Keep your project, organization and clients on schedule and on budget by capturing changes.

  • Area 7: Contingency Management

    • Account and manage for the unknown in your project or business 

  • Area 8: Risk Management 

    • Manage and mitigate all elements of risks associated with your project or business. 

  •  ​Area 9: Contracts Management

    • Easily review, manage and update client and vendor contracts

  • Area 10: HR and Man Power Utilization

    • Manage, track and control utilization of personnel resources ​

  • Area 11: Document Control​

    • Manage the flow and notify all stakeholders for documentation in one location ​

  • Area 12: Timesheet Management​

    • Track, monitor and approve employee time and PTO (Paid Time Off)​

  • Area 13: Finance ​

    • Invoicing, payment processing and reporting ​

  • Area 14: Lessons Learned

    • Create, manage, store and notify all relevant stakeholders of successes and challenges of a project in real time
  • Area 15: Learning Management System (LMS)​

    • Our cloud based e-learning platform for employees of clients ​

What Makes PE4U The Gold Standard

No matter the industry or project PE4U provides superior engagements.

We strive to outperform other project management consulting firms. 

We excel in the following areas:

1. Our Project Consultants:

We have years of experience in all sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry. (Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream)

2. Diverse Industry Portfolio:

In addition to the Oil and Gas industry. We provide a superior level of project consulting. We consult for general businesses, health care, and nonprofits. 

3. Consistency: 

The consistency of our engagement directors is where our strength lies. We are customer focused in providinortant to us. We have great reviews on Google, Capterra and other review boards. 

4. Client Portal:

Our in house cloud-based technology ensures everyone is on the same page. Based on past projects we created our client portal. Our consultants update the portal with your project information. We provide clients a unique access code to view project updates. 

5. Our Reviews:

Our reputation is important to us. We have great reviews on Google, Capterra and other review boards. 

What To Expect From Us On A Typical  Engagement

1. Initial Consultation:

Our initial consultation is the first step. In our meeting, we will understand more information about your project. This meeting is short in nature because we find common ground and paths forward.

2. Kickoff Meeting:

This meeting is used to identify the blackout dates of team members. We will also discuss what success looks like for the team. Finally, we will begin to layout tasks for all team members.

5. Monitor and Control

Monitoring and controlling the scope is the last piece of the project. Once the team has finished all tasks we establish stability. We do this by monitoring and controlling small updates to the process.   ​

4. Execute the Scope

Time to get to work! We will begin to execute the scope of the project. The goal is simple and only two goals. One we will identify quick wins. Two we will work together to deliver the project on time and on budget. The project will begin to see measurable results. 

3. Scoping Your Project:

During our scoping meeting, we have three goals. One we will record the tasks of the project. Two we will use our internal JANUS software to streamline the engagement. Three create an overall agreement so the team can move forward.

Additional Benefits

Projects Consulting Session Includes:

  • 24/7 Access to Our Client Portal

  • Onsite Visit 

    • Or Access To Our Downtown Office ​

    • Or Webcam and/or Teleconference Session

  • Whiteboard Strategy/Brainstorming Session

  • Video Recorded Sessions

  • Additional Limited Access to our JANUS Software 

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Address: 1301 Texas St. Houston Tx. 77002

Tel: 832-559-0421