What to Expect In Our 


Project Controls & Project Mgmt Consulting

Any location (Overseas No Problem), any industry for Project Controls, Project Management and Program Management Office expertise.


In addition to our project consulting work every consulting engagement includes a digitization of your excel spreadsheets (up to 3 workbooks).


We will place your MS Excel spreadsheets into our encrypted cloud software so we can work and move the project along.


Unless instructed otherwise; we will make all updates in the cloud software for your review.


The cloud version of your workbook is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week while on the engagement. Project personnel may downloadable a copy at any time. Access is available in our Client Portal click HERE. At a minimum we provide weekly updates.

We will also:

  • Provide simple formula coding for your excel spreadsheet (add, subtract, multiply and divide).

    • Complex coding is available, but may require additional resources.​

  • 3 Usernames and Passwords to access your project data and updates. 


To ensure the upmost integrity for your data the baseline file (original file) is always available so your organization is in complete control​. 

Example of Your MS Excel Workbook In Our Encrypted Software

Below Are Our Rates:

Once you see the value we bring; upgrade to additional hours and receive a better rate.

All Rates Includes Consulting and Software!

1-5 Hours of Consulting-$225 Per Hour

11-15 Hours of 

Consulting-$200 Per Hour

21-25 Hours of  Consult-$170 Per Hour

6-10 Hours of

Consulting -$215 Per Hour

16-20 Hours of Consulting-$185 Per Hour

26+ Hours of Consulting-Custom Hourly Rate

As a recap:

We Provide 2 Services With Our Engagements:

  1. Project consulting for project controls and project management

  2. Customized Project Software based on your MS Excel spreadsheet.  

We Go Above and Beyond For Our Clients!