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Project Controls


Planners & Schedulers

We provide planners and schedulers to help your projects and portfolios stay on time. Our consultants are experts with using P6 or MS Project.  If needed; our consultants may provide our schedule reporting software. This tool assist decision makers in making the right judgment for the best project outcomes. 

Data on a Touch Pad

Cost Analysts

Our Cost Analyst assist your organization in providing Estimates to Complete (ETC), Estimate at Complete (EAC) and provide valuable information to stakeholder with our financial models. In addition to providing valuable information; our Cost Analysts are equipped with our cloud based Cost Engineering software. We deliver accurate metrics, Key Performance Indicators. 


Project Risk Analysts

Risk is important to any organizations. Our Risk Analysts deliver value by identifying quantitative, qualitative and Monte Carlo risk assessments. Our Risk Analysts are equipped with our cloud based risk management software. The Risk Analyst provides stakeholders valuable insights to assist your organization in mitigating potential risks. 

Signing Contract

Document Controllers

Good document controllers can be hard to find. Our consultants has years of experience in delivering document management to large scale organizations. In addition to providing a deep level of experience our consultants are provided a Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Our tool assists your organization in a structured, easy to use cloud software solution. We ensure the project team is notified when critical documents need to be reviewed.  

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