Project Controls

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The Engagement:

Track Close Out Site Costs of Project In Alexandria, Egypt Worth Roughly $121 Million

The Challenge to the Project:

The client wanted to make sure we maintained the project margin of 45%. This project was extremely successful we started this project from the beginning. 

Our Solution:

PE4U continued to make sure no costs were made in error, and all project costs were accounted for. We continued to ensure all site costs were in our cost accounting sheets.  


Schedule Detail:

This project was on time and the project literally had perfect alignment of cost and schedule.  


Cost Impacts:

The major costs were in construction and materials WBS's for fabricating the FPS (Fishing Protection Structure) and Connector Units. The actual costs and forecast were within 5% throughout the project. 


Risks Impacts:

At this stage of the project most to all risk we mitigated.  


Project Outcome:

Mission Accomplished

We officially ended the project with 35% margin. The client gave money back to their client. Unofficially our client achieved a 45% margin. 

This is one example of many successes we can point to.

If your organization assigns us to your project early on we can achieve great results. This project is a result of great cost control, great schedule management, and a great project management team. This client team was receptive to all of our recommendations.  

LoadOut of the Connector Unit

View of the Mediterranean Ocean and Small Piece of the Fabrication Yard (far left)

The Day Before the Flight Back to Houston PE4U Team Members Visited the Pyramids

Team Members Viewing The Sphinx 

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