Project Management

The Engagement:

$800 Million Project In Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia 


The Challenge to the Project:

Our client in KL was having challenges in change order management. This client was months behind in change orders both to their client and vendors. The vendors was on the verge of stopping work, because of non payment and their contracts not being amended.  


Our Solution:

PE4U flew to KL and immediately began implementing a repeatable process for change order management. One of the outcomes was we coached, developed and implemented a robust change order register to keep track of all changes. 

Next we worked with their project management and contracts teams to address the vendors who were on the verge of stopping work. 

Finally we helped the contracts team update the terms and condition of each changed contract. 


Schedule Detail:

We were given 30 days and 4 sprints to arrive on site and make substantial changes. In 30 days we processed 52 changes most had cost impacts ranging from $95,000 to $150,000. With a day for day slip in the project schedule contract clause.

Cost Impacts:

With all the changes to the original base project costs the amount increased roughly $5-$8 million. 

Document Control:

PE4U was able to take the client's existing excel spreadsheets and added additional fields, formulas and macros to quickly automate the process. We also re-arranged their project folders to easily access changes by client or vendor.


Project Outcome:

Mission Accomplished

We returned back to Houston and finished the rest of the project from our home office. The teams in KL was happy we assisted them provided us additional projects.



Our Client's Office:

Petronas Towers


View of Our Client's Office From Our Hotel Room

C-Mon we are a software company. You didnt think we would disbale right click!

Quick Stop in Singapore With Team Members While On Location

Singapore team member.JPG

Our Project Manager While on Location


Looking Down From the Client's Office at Petronas Towers