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Project Management & PMO Consulting

Step 1: Assess the Current State

We understand the organizations goals and expectations.  Once we have met with the required stakeholders we develop a gap analysis. We then go over this document and develop a detailed Scope of Work (SOW) for approval. Once approved we proceed to step 2. 

Step 2: Process and Procedures

People, Products and Processes are what make good companies great. We initially focus on the process and procedures. Based on the SOW we develop processes, procedures and work plans so that everyone with the organization is on the same page. Once step 2 is completed we move on to step 3. 

hand motions

Step 3: Execute Deliverables 

We have our experts execute around the process and procedures we (both PE4U and your organization) has outlined. We bring measurable value within the 4-6 weeks once step 1 has been completed.  As we execute on our deliverable we move on to step 4. 

Working Silhouettes

Step 4: Monitor and Control

Ensuring consistent results as your organization matures is very important. We review the processes and procedures every 6 months and refine the process to deliver maximum value to the organization. Once we complete step 4 then we begin the process (steps 1-4) all over again to deliver additional value that was not included in the original SOW. 

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