The Project:

Make The Runoff


The Challenge to the Project:

We had a candidate approach us with less than 30 days to create a winning solution for his campaign.

Other than the candidate being well known in his community; this candidate how no other presence to mobilize and reach his constituents. In addition to not being able to reach his constituents, this candidate was unable to expand his base. 


Our Solution:

PE4U created an execution plan (detailed scope of work SOW) to address the quick and immediate wins to target likely voters.  We did not deviate from the plan because we had less than 30 days to make the runoff.


Schedule Detail:

We developed a weekly schedule to show progress and provide updates to the plan we were executing. We set the start date, outlined the objectives that needed to be completed on a daily/weekly and ensured all objectives/task were completed by the end date


Cost Impacts:

We ran a cost-benefit analysis and selected the best results for the campaign's finances. There were other solutions we recommended however, the campaigns weren't ready to make those commitments at the present.


Risks Impacts:

We outlined the risks that were facing the project. In addition to doing a cost-benefit analysis PE4U also factored the risks associated with using different approaches. 


Document Control:

PE4U was able to take an excel spreadsheet and convert that file into a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Database). Once the document was in a controlled environment we were able to use various software tools to target likely voters. 


Project Outcome:

Mission Accomplished

We made the runoff in less than 30 days. We feel that if we had 60-90 days the campaign may have won. 


This is one example of many successes we can point to.

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