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The Project:

Decrease Cost Impact​s


The Challenge to the Project:

PE4U was approached to investigate costs overrun for an Oil and Gas client.


Our Solution:

PE4U created an execution plan (detailed Scope Of Work SOW) to address the overages and provide an audit-able action plan to overcome continued cost overruns. 


Schedule Detail:

We were given a week and a half to audit the project, identify overruns and provide recommendations to stop the overruns. 


Cost Impacts:

At first glace the project appeared to have all their cost inline with recommended best practices in the Oil and Gas sector.


Risks Impacts:

We did not have time to run a risk assessment.


Document Control:

PE4U was able to take their Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and  run a report in a cloud based software solution to quickly identify, normalize the data and provide visibility to all stakeholder.   


Project Outcome:

Mission Accomplished

We were able to identify a 1% savings to the project due to errors in reporting man power. This 1% represented an annual  $1.5 million in savings.  

This is one example of many successes we can point to.

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