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Our Services

Getting started is as simple as 1,2,3. 

  1. Select your service and your specific need. 

  2. Tell us about your project and view our consultant's resume.

  3. We will schedule your 60 minute no obligation consult. 

Project Management Consulting

Project management consulting is a specialty of PE4U. We have years of experience in Project Management and Informational Technology (IT) services. Roadmapping, creation of processes and procedures and implementing cloud based software are things we do best.  

Agile Coaching 

What has made us successful is having certified Agile coaches to assist in product development. We cover all the bases and implement various Agile philosophies to generate potentially releasable products that deliver real value to your stakeholders.  

Business Meeting

Project Controls

Most organizations are unfamiliar with project controls. Project controls takes a very deep look into 4 areas. Scheduling, Cost Control, Risk Management and Document Management. These 4 areas are usually mission critical to organizations for proper project and portfolio management.  

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